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Have any of you tried the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred? If so...Have you had good results?

Also...Thinking of getting a hair cut tomorrow. Based on my user pic, do you have any suggestions?

Well, well, well...

Yep, it's me again. I'm still here!
I just spent a little while reading all of my old entries. Every single last one...
What can I say? I don't have to be at work 'til 1:00 tomorrow and I'm bored.
Funny how things really haven't changed for me at all. I can remember sitting in my CV apartment after a night at the bar...I called my (then) friend Shanna and cried on the phone with her. I told her how miserable I was and how badly I wanted to leave C'ville. I really thought that by moving my life would magically change into something wonderful.
Not so much.
Now that I've been in Texas for over a year I realize that was a little silly. I was blaming C'ville and the people that live there for all of my problems. I now know that the problems I had were largely my fault. I'm not saying that certain people should be blameless for the way they treated me...But I could have behaved a little differently.
The funny thing is, things are largely the same. I live alone in my apartment, I'm back in wireless sales (and not liking it) and I spend my free time alone in my apartment wishing I had someone to talk to. I don't spend time at any certain bar like I used to in IN, but that's because I don't feel comfortable walking into a bar alone here. I do drink in my apartment...Lately I've been drinking beer almost every night. Nothing too excessive...I think the most I had in one night was 3...But I know it's not good for me. I've also been smoking every night even though I "quit". I've made the excuse for myself that it's ok to smoke when I drink... Since I've had at least one beer every night for the last week I've also allowed myself to smoke.
I'm still not dating anyone... I've dated since I moved down here, but I haven't found anything real.
I have very few friends here. People here seem so...cold...They're very hard to get to know. Every time I think I've made a friend we gradually talk less and less until we don't talk at all.
I just don't know what to do anymore...I don't know what I want to do when my lease is up in December, but I have to give a month of notice. I've got to figure something out soon...
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I'm so sleepy...I have a cold. I took alka-seltzer about an hour ago and it's starting to kick in.
And...I'm lonely.
On the plus side, the Colts won tonight.
I'm going to bed.
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I feel sorry for you

No, really. I do. I can't imagine how boring your life must be if you consider calling someone's voicemail early in the morning and leaving rude messages entertainment.
I'm not a hundred percent sure who left the message (all I know is that it was a guy's voice), but I know who owns the phone that it came from. In case anyone wants to know, here's the message:
"I was told to tell you you're a fuckin bitch and a fucking cunt and you might as well be a whore, too"
I'm sure you and your "friends" got a good laugh out of that.
I hope you enjoy being a coward, because that's what you are. You don't agree? Well, you waited until you were pretty sure I wouldn't answer, you called from someone else's phone, you had someone else leave the message...Not to mention the fact that you waited to make this call until 3 months AFTER I moved to Texas.
Honestly, my roommate's 5 year old is more mature. Actually, so is my roommate's 2 year old.
Grow up.
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Um...Hi guys

Grumpy today...No good reason, just...meh...

I went on a date Tuesday night.
I know, right?
ME? On a DATE?!?!?!?!?!
And I know Tuesday is a weird night to go on a date, but it was ok with me 'cause...
A. I'm unemployed, still.
B. There wasn't a big crowd at the movies.

So we went to see Halloween. I was really excited 'cause ROB ZOMBIE directed it and we all know that I loooooooooves me some Rob Zombie!
It was pretty good, 'cept for the fact that the kid wore a clown mask for half the movie. I HATE clowns.
Anywho...After the movie he came back to our house and played cards with us. Aaaaaand then he spent the night.

NO, guys...NOTHING happened. Sheesh.

So we've been talking pretty much every day, through myspace or text messaging. I'm going to his house on Thursday to watch Band of Brothers.
Wanna see a picture of him?

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Oh...PLUS...He's 5ft 4...So he's like, the perfect size for me!

Anyway...I'm going to go back to being grumpy now.
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I spent my birthday at the beach!

The kids had PB&J sandwiches...As you can tell by Faith's peanut butter covered face...

We took a walk to the end of the pier...

I was being retarded...

Shanna and the kids...

We met this friendly guy on the way back to the car. We thought he was dead 'til Shanna poked him with her shoe!